The Five Top Tips on Dog Coat Health

Giving your dog a shiny coat isnt just about beauty. A shiny coat is the result of your dog being healthy. And we all want a healthy dogright? Read on to learn the top tips on dog coat health.

Tip 1: A shiny coat starts with good nutrition. Feed your dog a high quality dog food. Often generic dog foods use cheaper ingredients which may not always be great for your dog.

Remember to compare ingredients, and when in doubt, consult your vet. Also, limit the amount of dog treats to give to your dog.

Tip 2: Make a habit of checking your dogs fur. Not only can burs and fleas interfere with a healthy coat, they can be a health problem for your canine. Make a habit of checking your dogs fur weekly.

Tip 3: Consider the benefits of conditioner. Yesconditioner for your dog! Some people think it sounds strange, but it can work wonders. Look for a dog conditioner that is tearless, so if it gets in your dogs eyes, it wont hurt.

Tip 4: Dont be tempted to share. You paid a fortune for your shampoo, so it must work wonders on your dogright? Wrong, often human shampoos are too harsh for dogs. Make sure to purchase a shampoo that is specifically designed for dogs.

Tip 5: Spoil your dog with the brush. Brushing your dog often will help keep his coat looking great. If your dog has long hair, you may need to brush twice a week. If your dog has shorter hair, you may brush less.

Bonus tips: The scoop on baths. Some dogs require baths more often than others. If your dog is one that requires fewer baths, this may interfere with a shiny coat. Check with your vet on your specific bread.

And remember, if your dog continues to have a dull luster to his coat, talk to a groomer or vet. They may have additional suggestions based on your dogs unique breed and circumstances.